another 9/11 decennial post

I wasn’t sure if I wanted to blog about this anniversary. Some might say that because I’m an American that alone gives me the right to voice my opinion. I don’t know what I could say that would add anything new. My thoughts are with with families of the victims who died that day and later as a result of the attacks.

For something different, I’m linking to this piece by Steve Almond: “The Decade Of Magical Thinking.” It’s both more cynical and more thoughtful than the traditional memorials being held today, but parts of it resonated with me, especially when I tried to write out my own account of that day to share. Me, someone who’s never lived in New York City or knew anyone personally who was killed. I sounded superficial and conceited.

“I recently went on a radio program to discuss the literature of 9/11. The host spent most of the hour chatting with people about their memories. They all talked about watching television. They were telling personal stories about watching television.”



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