not another sexy “insert profession/creature here” costume

Tina Fey’s “Mean Girls” told us that “Halloween is the one night a year when girls can dress like a total slut and no other girls can say anything about it.”

Insert your own “Yes We Can!” joke here.

Take Back Halloween! is a fantastic repository for female Halloween costumes where you don’t need a ton of money, sewing skills, or even a lot of time to create your own versions of the examples they give.

Capture of Alex Kingston as Boudicca from TV movie, along with historical images.
River Song would be impressed.

The site has a diverse, multicultural group of role models to choose from, with four general categories: Glamour Grrls, Goddesses and Legends, Notable Women, and Queens. Each page is like a strictly-feminist version of “Badass of the Week” with pictures and historical information, except with bonus easy-to-follow instructions for a costume. The red-headed BAMF pictured above is Boudicca, a British Queen who fought off the Romans (ferociously, if not ultimately successfully.) What is it with Britain and awesome red-headed rulers? To dress up as her get yourself:

  1. Some flannel sheets
  2. A long, red-haired wig
  3. A Celtic-ish crown, can be plastic
  4. A sword and shield, can be plastic
  5. Stick-on Celtic tattoos
  6. Big gold bracers/cuffs, doesn’t need to be real gold or even actual metal

And there you go! (They have further instructions on Boudicca’s page for things like “How to Fold a Celtic Tunic” and sample pictures of the items.)

My own costume of “Generic Witch” seems a little pathetic in comparison, but I will say that I have always wanted to wear purple Christmas lights in my hair and shiny violet ribbons as boot laces. I’m definitely excited for All Hallow’s Eve in exactly one year. I think I’ll go as Himiko, first monarch of Japan… or Chalchiuhtlicue, Aztec goddess of water… or Christine de Pizan, who lived by her pen way back in medieval Europe… maybe I can just go to a bunch of Halloween parties and get to dress up more than once…


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