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Like many girls since 1977, I was named after the Elvis Costello song “Alison.” It’s spelled what the rest of the world calls “the British way” and what my father calls “the right way.”

Reading is something I have loved as far as I can remember – I still consider “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” and “Jumping Mouse” some of my favorite books. Writing is something I discovered I had a passion for during the 5th grade: our homework one week was to create a short composition to practice writing dialogue, using “said.” As in, “‘Hello,’ said Jane.” Beautiful and unique little snowflake that I was, I decided the assignment was plebeian and I would do something different and better. I was well-read. I knew words like SHOUTED, and SHRIEKED, and SCREAMED. I knew some very loud verbs. And so my short story ended up being about a little girl whose best friend descends into psychosis in front of her, possibly along with the rest of the world, leaving her the only sane person on Earth. It was funnier than it sounds. My teacher loved it, I don’t really remember the opinions of my peers, possibly they were stunned into silence by my literary ‘genius.’

Me on a bike at 3 yrs.
It was either a tiny picture taken by the yearbook photo factory, or a one-handed self portrait with my phone. Until I save enough for a quality photo shoot let’s all just enjoy this nostalgic snapshot of me at age three, doing my best impression of Easy Rider Barbie.

My blog is only mostly literary – reviews and musings on literature, authors, publishing, doubling as an example of my writing style and skills, as well as a collection of my thoughts. One of the best parts about being a writer is the excuse of getting to research whatever I want, because I love to read about interesting things and then sometimes put that knowledge back into my work. Arborsculpture? Mosquito Bay? The culinary history of the turducken? They could all make a surprise appearance on my blog, and then show up later in a story.

I was born and raised in Northern Virginia and still currently live here, with Washington D.C. as my backyard city. I work at a pretty great data management company, my co-workers and supervisors keep it from being a dry 9-to-5. My dream job, besides becoming the next Neil Gaiman, is to somehow combine my writing and traveling. Have pen, will travel.

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