I Give this Feel-Good Viral Story the SIDE EYE

Many of you may have heard of this story, making its rounds on the Internet. A bride is having a photo shoot, in her wedding gown, in downtown Seattle. A little girl and her mom happen to walk by. The little girl is convinced the bride is the princess of her favorite book, which she also happened to be carrying at the time.


She joins the photo shoot! Warm happy fuzzy feelings all around! And the titular book is… The Woman in White, by Wilkie Collins.

Wait, what?


It’s been a while, but I read that novel in undergrad for a Victorian lit class. The Woman in White was published in 1859, and from what I remember features a murder mystery. Not the fun and quippy kind you’ll get on reruns of Castle either; no, this had some truly monstrous male villains. Even the protagonist had some eye-rolling, true-for-it’s-time opinions about the women characters in the story.

And this is a little girl’s favorite bedtime story?


While I don’t think kids should only be exposed to literature scrubbed of anything but bunnies and rainbows, I also think there’s merit to “age-appropriate” media. Even if The Woman in White contains no overt violence, vulgarity, or sexuality (from what I remember… time for a re-read), they are definitely in the story.

Then again, maybe the little girl’s never actually had the full story read to her. Maybe the parents have pulled a kind of Princess Bride (novel version) con on their daughter, and she just likes the picture on the cover. The world may never know.

Once again, in lieu of creating a compelling think-piece myself, work and school leave me to point people towards another good article:

Why Immersive Theatre Isn’t Just a Fad

6.15.17 pic

I often think immersive theater is the other side of the coin when it comes to modern drama, heads to the electronic literature tails. As much as I love novels and books, we’re moving away from what is now a traditional story medium.

Coming Soon to a Blog Near You

Working full time tends to drain the creative brain, but I’ve got Some Opinions on a certain sci-fi movie adaptation staring Scarlett Johansson, especially since she just recently publicly addressed the casting controversy.

Look for the upcoming “Racial Casting in Hōga vs Hollywood, or, does the new Fullmetal Alchemist adaptation mean I can see Ghost in the Shell guilt-free?”

an honor and an obligation

I don’t drink on weekdays but for the last debate my roommate let me finish her glass of wine in lieu of taking shots. Nobody respects women more than Donald, as perfectly demonstrated when he interrupted Hillary’s allotted time to call her “such a nasty woman.” Twice.

But even more irritating than Trump or his supporters are the people in this country who are capable and available to vote and don’t. “I’m just one person.” “Both candidates are equally bad.” “I have better things to do.”

What’s wrong with everyone! America is a democratic republic turning into a plutocracy. We should be grasping onto any vestiges of genuine democracy while we can. I’ll still be recovery from surgery on November 8, and it was a privilege to fill out and mail in an absentee ballot. Exciting even! I was actively participating in civil service!




Go to Tadich Grill for Seafood and Racism

Something to break up the monotony of nationwide police brutality, here’s one DC restaurant I don’t need to patronize:

Terri [née Buich] Upshaw says she had to choose between family and love (https://www.washingtonpost.com/lifestyle/style/lonnae-oneal-terri-upshaw-says-she-had-to-choose-between-family-and-love/2015/10/23/b2bdecc2-792a-11e5-b9c1-f03c48c96ac2_story.html?tid=pm_lifestyle_pop_b)

How racist do you have to be that you refuse to see your own innocent grandchildren? So if you’re not white or Christian, sure, they’ll take your money, but God forbid there’s a fire in the restaurant because the owners will trample over your heathen body to get out first.

I found it especially telling that no one from the Buich family gave a comment or response. They didn’t even bother to ‘tell their side of the story.’

THE MARTIAN (2015) new trailer yay!

I’m so psyched for this, you have no idea. The newest trailer for The Martian has a level of awesome that goes up to 11 due to the song choice:

I finally read the book about a month ago and started a review that mostly consisted of, 1) it’s amazing!!1! and, 2) what a magnificent F*** YOU to The Cold Equations! But then I forgot the book at my friend’s house and they’re in the middle of reading it and completely hooked so I’ll wait.

I love that they cast Jessica Chastain as Commander Lewis. She’s one of my favorite actresses and even though I saw the trailer before reading the book, I knew I would have pictured her in the role regardless. 100% perfect casting. Matt Damon’s not so bad either!