Go to Tadich Grill for Seafood and Racism

Something to break up the monotony of nationwide police brutality, here’s one DC restaurant I don’t need to patronize:

Terri [née Buich] Upshaw says she had to choose between family and love (https://www.washingtonpost.com/lifestyle/style/lonnae-oneal-terri-upshaw-says-she-had-to-choose-between-family-and-love/2015/10/23/b2bdecc2-792a-11e5-b9c1-f03c48c96ac2_story.html?tid=pm_lifestyle_pop_b)

How racist do you have to be that you refuse to see your own innocent grandchildren? So if you’re not white or Christian, sure, they’ll take your money, but God forbid there’s a fire in the restaurant because the owners will trample over your heathen body to get out first.

I found it especially telling that no one from the Buich family gave a comment or response. They didn’t even bother to ‘tell their side of the story.’