Writing & Clips

Writing Samples:

No Returns Accepted, Exchanges with Receipt Only

Is it electronic literature, or a game, or both? Is professional jerk Hadley doomed thanks to fate, his own behavior, or both? Written by me, put together with the software Twine.

My Nightfall

A kind of narrative non-fiction. My short story entry for a travel writing contest, where the prompt was: “Tell us about a travel experience unlike any other.”


A one-time literary journal about filling the artistic space – the bare canvas, the blank page. I was one of four editors, minus the cat.

“NaNoWriMo,” or, “How Marie Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Creative Writing Process”

The story each author gets to do just once: write about writing. If written today the instant messaging system used would instead be Skyping or texting. Those who remember AOL will recognize the old blue/red format. There’s even a mention of MySpace because Facebook wasn’t that famous yet. The behavior of the young authoress in the story, however, is classic. Originally published in Personae.


“Mother and Daughter Art on Display,” The Reston Connection